• We want to stay open !

    TCH has followed the advice of the municipality and the government. We had a meeting with the emergency planning group regarding the covid-19 pandemic. The group has addressed the possibility of the kindergarten being placed on the red level and made plans accordingly.

    04/10/2020 19:05
  • Calendar for the SCHOOL YEAR 2020-21

    03/07/2020 12:43
  • Application to The Children's House

    All applications to The Children’s House have to go through Sola Kommune. If you are not living in Sola municipality, you should go directly to the application without logging in with your personal ID- information but go to Søk barnehageplass. Admission process for August 2020 has started and the offers will go out during the first week of March. The offers will be sent out via Sola Kommune portal (“SvarUt”).

    03/07/2020 08:33

    In these difficult times there are possibly many of you that need someone to talk to and ask for advice. Do you need someone to talk to?  The health service and support services are available for those that need support or advice.

    30/04/2020 18:07