• Vacant Position

    The Children’s House is searching for motivated, dedicated and qualified pre-school teacher/barnehagelærer. We are an international and diverse community that look for our inspiration from around the world. You should have your qualifications approved by UDIR as a pre school teacher/barnehagelærer.

    21/10/2019 09:12
  • Calendar for the SCHOOL YEAR 2019-2020

    28/08/2019 21:48
  • Application for Reduced Payment of Tuition Fees

    Should you need help, you can contact Anette Elstad Mortensen from Sola Municipality at or Call: 51 65 33 81 You can also contact our administration and we will do our best to help you.

    20/06/2018 22:14
  • Applications for 2019-2020

    We are accepting applications for the next school year. The deadline is Friday, 1 February 2019. Parents with children attending TCH: Please make sure you indicate that you have a sibling already attending TCH as this will give you priority.

    10/01/2018 11:47