Full time program Monday - Friday 07:30 to 16:30. Children should be 2 years of age by the end of December. The class is supervised by a teacher and two or three assistants. Children are not required to be toilet trained. Currently,the class size is 14 children. We aim to provide a caring and fun environment for the children we look after. It is important that the children feel secure in our class and our focus is on learning through play.

Circle time is an important time of the school day. The topic of the day is discussed. Songs are learned and stories told.
Music sessions are included in our weekly program and these are conducted by our qualified music teacher.
Outdoor play in the school playground is part of our day throughout the school year when the weather is good. Time outside is reduced when the weather becomes too cold or wet. Nature walks in the surrounding area are also part of the children’s outdoor experience.
Supervised free play is designed to encourage the children to explore a variety of activities. Project work takes place in small groups and individually. The projects we follow are often related to seasons or festivals. Other topics are covered as well.
Each week the children have music class with our qualified music teacher. They do a wide variety of songs and games related to themes we are studying as well as the seasons and special occasions.
Nappies are routinely changed at certain times of the day and are also changed when necessary. When you have begun toilet training at home, please inform us. We are happy to help with it at school as well – just ask!
It is important that your child is in by 9 o’clock.