Welcome to a new school year

Welcome all of you to The Children's House and a new school year. We are looking forward to meeting both new families and families returning from holidays. Covid-19 situation We are following the National Guidelines and have good routines in place to ensure both children and staff are safe whilst at kindergarten. The traffic lights signal of green, yellow and red inform us of which level of infection control we are to observe. It is the infection status in Norway that decides which level we are on and we adjust our routines accordingly if the level of infection changes.

No one should come to the kindergarten if they are sick.


When you enter the building please wash both yours and your child’s hands before your child enters the department.


How will the day at kindergarten be? 


Yellow level

The whole department can be together, and all children shall receive a fulltime offer at the kindergarten.

The outside area will be divided to separate groups from each other. The children will have a fixed set of adults for its group. 

We that work in the kindergarten will not shake hands and will avoid hugging each other.


Just a friendly reminder of that children must not bring toys from home. 

If your child has a special cuddly toy that they sleep with you may take this with, but it is extremely important that this is not shared with any other children. 



Thank you so much for your cooperation.



Kind regards/Med vennlig hilsen 

May Britt Stange

The Children's House

mail: mbstange@tchnorway.no
tlf: 934 13 379