Parent Meeting : "Parenting – the most important and challenging role of our lives”

Dear parents, You are warmly invited to a Parent Meeting which will take place on Wednesday, 12th of September2018. Where: The Children's House When: 18.30 - 20.30

The purpose of the parent meeting is to create an informal forum to meet with fellow parents at TCH. We aim to arrange two parent meetings per School Year, and this time we are excited to introduce an inspiring guest speaker: Siri Abrahamsen.
Siri is one of Norway's best lecturers in the theme of interpersonal relationships. She also has her own company “Gleding” ( a concept for social and emotional competence among children, parents, kindergartens and schools.

We are looking forward to her presentation;

"Parenting – the most important and challenging role of our lives”

At this meeting there will also be information about SU (Cooperation committee) and we will hold an election to the SU.
We hope to see you all at the Parent Meeting and would be grateful if you could sign up for the meeting on the list provided on your child's classroom door. Kindly do so by the 11th of September.

You may attend the meeting without telling us in advance, however by doing so, you help to ensure that we have enough refreshments for everyone.

Yours faithfully, Staff and SU at TCH