Parking at The Children’s House

Dear parents, We want to remind you of our parking policy at TCH as we see that some of you are crossing the parking lot instead of using the pavements.

Our parking lot has been designed in a way that enables us to walk on the pavement all the way from the car to the gate. (the exception being on the zebra crossings)
As you know, the mornings and afternoons are very busy with children being dropped off and picked up and it is vital that we stay on the pavements with the children.  We also need to keep in mind the importance of showing the children by giving them a good example.  
For safety reasons, we also encourage you to reverse park. Your child needs to be with you at all times in the parking lot.
Thank you for helping us in keeping the children safe.
Kind regards/Med vennlig hilsen 
May Britt Stange

The Children's House
tlf: 934 13 379