Kindergartens on green level

Dear parents Kindergartens will operate from the green level according to the traffic light model from Wednesday 19th January. The infection situation and the need for action are still being assessed continuously. Both the Government and FHI point out that the level of infection may increase in the period ahead. At the same time, the municipalities are in a demanding staffing situation. This may have consequences for kindergarten and school services in the time to come.


The kindergartens, schools and the SFO in Sola are prepared for a rapid transition to stricter levels of action should this become necessary. Children, adolescents and guardians must be prepared for increased use of testing.

For kindergartens, these infection control measures apply at the green level

  • No sick person should attend kindergarten
  • Good hygiene and normal cleaning
  • Contact reducing measures:
  • Avoid physical contact between employees (shaking hands and hugging)
  • Only 3 parents and 3 children can be in upstairs cloak room at the same time.
  • It is requested that you wear a mask when you deliver and pick up your child.
  • Regular organisation of departments/groups


Thank you so much for your cooperation.



Kind regards/Med vennlig hilsen 

May Britt Stange

The Children's House