Applications for 2022-2023

We are accepting applications for the next school year. The deadline is Monday, 1 February 2022. Parents with children attending TCH: Please make sure you indicate that you have a sibling already attending TCH as this will give you priority

Applications should be submitted electronically via Sola Kommune's website. 


1. Go to
2. Go to “Barnehage”(Kindergarden)
3. Follow the link    (Apply for a place in kindergarden)

4. Follow the link: "Søk Barnehage plass” (Online application)

5. Choose either ”Ny barnehageplass” (for new applicants) or ”Overføring innen kommunen" ( Transfer with the municipality.

Remember to mark the box “samtykke i personvernerklæringen” (consent to the Privacy Statement)

6. Choose language
7. Fill out the form
8. For foreigners without personal number, please contact the Municipality you are planning to live in for a temporary number.