Information to the parents on the re-opening of kindergarten.

The Board at TCH has decided that for the time being the kindergarten will be open from 07.30-16.30

As a gradual loosening up of the measures put in place under the corona pandemic

the kindergarten will be open for parents to enter the cloakroom area only.


This will be put in place from Monday 6th July.


When you enter the building please wash both yours and your child’s hands before your child enters the department. 


Please make sure that there are not too many people in the cloakroom at the same time.

You are, at this time, not allowed to go further into the building in the departments.


Children must  come cleanly clothed each day and with all necessary equipment.

They must have their own utensils and the toddlers must have cloth bibs.

Children must not bring toys from home.

 Children’s birthdays will be celebrated. Please bring fruit that the staff can wash and prepare.

You are requested to be able to collect your child at short notice should your child become sick during the day.


Wish you all a lovely summer.


Kind regards/Med vennlig hilsen 

May Britt Stange


Following is the FHI information as to who shall not attend kindergarten.

When should my child/staff not attend kindergarten?

  • Children and staff should not even meet at nursery with mild respiratory symptoms and a feeling of illness. They should stay home until they have been symptom free for 1 day.
  • Children or employees who have confirmed covid-19- these children/staff must be in isolation and the health care services will decide who should also go into isolation.
  • Children or staff who are close contacts/household members of a confirmed case of covid-19. –these people must be quarantined. It is the health care services who decide who should go into quarantine.
  • Guardians with respiratory symptoms are quarantined or isolated. They should not attend the kindergarten and must find other solutions for follow-up and picking up their children.