Pre -Toddler

Monday-Friday 07:30–16:30 Currently, the class size is 14 children. The class is supervised by a teacher, an assistant teacher and 2 assistants. This may be a child’s first introduction to pre-school or it may also be the first time a child is left in the care of someone other than his/her parents. So with that in mind, we aim to build the child’s self esteem and help him or her feel secure in their new surroundings as well as feeling secure with other children. We provide lots of sensory experiences through the use of play dough, water play, and art projects.

Our approach is focused on learning through play. All experiences are designed to be fun for the children and beneficial to their development as well.

We build independance skills and take the children through the first steps of language development.

The morning starts with the children free play and breakfast between 07.30 - 08.30. We have a wonderful outdoor environment here at The Children’s House so we make use of it every day. We have various pieces of equipment such as swings, slides, tricycles, scooters, sand toys and much more to encourage the children to enhance their abilities and improve their gross motor skills. Once we come inside the children have a choice of various activities set out in the classroom. We have activities such as puzzles, games, age appropriate toys, and play equipment designed for exploration by the children. They are encouraged to participate in each day’s special activity (such as baking or a craft) and spend individual time with the teacher.
Afterwards we tidy things away, wash hands and sit down for lunch together. Lunch is a good time to learn about good eating habits, good manners and healthy eating.
After lunch, we have sleep time, snack, free play and outisde play.

Children love physical activity so we aim to provide many opportunities for movement within our day. Movement activities encourage balance, learning about personal space, learning how to control parts of our bodies like standing on one foot or shaking an arm to music. It’s a great way for children to learn what their body can do and improve their coordination.
Supervised free play is designed to encourage the children to explore different activities and help them to socialize with other children. Project work takes place in small groups and individually. The projects we follow are often related to the seasons or festivals. Other topics are of course covered. Project work will vary in accordance to the age of the child and their ability.
As well as music and songs during circle time, we also have music class with our qualified music teacher every week.
Nappies are routinely changed at certain times of the day and are also changed when necessary.