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  • Vacant Position at The Children's House

    Pedagogic leader (100 %) and pre-school teachers (100 %), commencement date to be decided.

    Requirements: an approved pre-school status in Norway, or an equivalent teaching qualification from abroad. (that is approved by NOKUT and the education department).

    The application deadline is the 16th March 2018.

    For more information, contact Principal May Britt Stange (93413379) or deputy principal Karen Nesbjørg (47482185).

    Please send your application and CV to

  • School year 2018-2019

    Due to an increased demand from the parents, we will have a Norwegian Pre-school class as of August 2018.

  • Applications for 2018-2019

    We are accepting applications for the next school year.
    The deadline is Wednesday, 1 February 2018.
    Parents with children attending TCH: Please make sure you indicate that you have a sibling already attending TCH as this will give you priority.

  • Heart Starter

    We now have a heart starter in TCH
    It is located in the upstairs corridor, to the right of the cleaner’s cupboard. Please look for it when you are in that area, or even better, go and find it the next chance you get. It is imperative that all staff and parents know it’s whereabouts.

  • Application for Reduced Payment of Tuition Fees

  • Calendar: School year 2017-2018

  • School Year 2017-2018 Spaces Available !

    We have spaces available in the following classes : English Kindergarten.
    All classes follow the International Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.
    The Children's House practices rolling admission based on availability.
    Please give us a call if you would like more information.
    Our Phone Number is +47 47 48 22 92

  • Calendar 2016-2017

  • Guidelines of The Children's House

    Please remember to read the Guidelines of The Children's House

  • Calendar for the 2015-2016 School Year

  • Keep your child safe !

    Remember to hold your child's hand coming into and leaving school.