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  • Postponed Parent meeting - Parking policy at The Children's House

    Postponed parent meeting.

    Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Board voted to postpone the Parents Meeting 16th September.

    Parking policy
    We would like to remind you of our parking policy at The Children's House.
    Please read the attached letter.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards/Med vennlig hilsen
    May Britt Stange

    The Children's House

    tlf: 934 13 379

  • We want to stay open !

    We are still on the yellow level so just a friendly reminder of our routines.

    No one should come to the kindergarten if they are sick.

    When you are entering the building wash both yours and your child's hands. You should do this before
    your child enters the department and on pick up.

  • Welcome to a new school year

    Welcome all of you to The Children's House and a new school year.
    We are looking forward to meeting both new families and families returning from holidays.
    Covid-19 situation
    We are following the National Guidelines and have good routines in place to ensure both children and staff are safe whilst at kindergarten.
    The traffic lights signal of green, yellow and red inform us of which level of infection control we are to observe.
    It is the infection status in Norway that decides which level we are on and we adjust our routines accordingly if the level of infection changes.

  • Calendar for the SCHOOL YEAR 2020-21

  • Application to The Children's House

    All applications to The Children’s House have to go through Sola Kommune.
    If you are not living in Sola municipality, you should go directly to the application without logging in with your personal ID- information but go to Søk barnehageplass.
    Admission process for August 2020 has started and the offers will go out during the first week of March.
    The offers will be sent out via Sola Kommune portal (“SvarUt”).


    In these difficult times there are possibly many of you that need someone to talk to and ask for advice.
    Do you need someone to talk to?
     The health service and support services are available for those that need support or advice.

  • Application for Reduced Payment of Tuition Fees

    Should you need help, you can contact Anette Elstad Mortensen from Sola Municipality at or Call: 51 65 33 81 You can also contact our administration and we will do our best to help you.

  • Heart Starter

    We now have a heart starter in TCH
    It is located in the upstairs corridor, to the right of the cleaner’s cupboard. Please look for it when you are in that area, or even better, go and find it the next chance you get. It is imperative that all staff and parents know it’s whereabouts.

  • Guidelines of The Children's House

    Please remember to read the Guidelines of The Children's House

  • Keep your child safe !

    Remember to hold your child's hand coming into and leaving school.