Norwegian Pre-Kindergarten

Suitable for both Norwegian children and children who wish to learn Norwegian in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Children should be 4 years of age by the end of December. Currently, the class size is 18 children.

This class prepares children for entering Norwegian Kindergarten.

We provide a happy and secure environment to prepare children for school either in the Norwegian or in an international system.

Children are greeted as they come in and teachers spend time with them individually during the first fifteen minutes of the day.

In circle time,We learn each other’s names, count the children, we talk about the days of the week, the weather and other topical issues.  Letters, sounds and numbers are discussed and songs are sung to reinforce this learning. Our themes, project work and plans for the day are also introduced at this time.

In Norwegian Pre-Kindergarten, we focus on pre-reading skills and pre-writing skills.

We combine various subjects such as art, science, math, cooking and social education for study during the year.
We concentrate on the 4 components of language which are reading,writing, speaking and listening. We use songs, rhymes, poems, stories and other methods to introduce concepts so that the children learn in a fun way.

We study numbers from 0-10 and use a wide variety of materials to reinforce concepts learned so that the children are able to recognize and use the numbers correctly.

Project related activities may include craft work, making things, playing with play dough, baking or doing worksheets.

Outdoor play is normally from 11:00-11:45 and afterwards we eat lunch.
After lunch the children finish their projects. We play board games, continue with language activities and the children may choose their own activity before we finish off the day with a story or a song.

Class starts at 9:30 prompt. It is very important that your child be on time for class start.