English Pre-Kindergarten

Children should be 4 years of age by the end of December and be out of nappies. Currently, the class size is 18 children. Children learn through exploration of music, drama, creative play, arts and crafts and well as hands-on activities.

Our day begins with circle time where we sing our good morning song, learn about the calendar, take the attendance, sing songs, fill out our job chart, learn new concepts as well as talk about the days’ projects.

We have a lesson on a chosen theme during circle time then we move on to an activity that coincides with the theme. We combine various subject areas such as art, science, math, cooking, and humanities/social education into themes for study during the year. Our themes are appropriate to the time of the year and often relate to seasons and holidays.
In Pre-Kindergarten, we focus on pre-reading skills and pre-writing skills. Children learn letters, the sounds that they make as well as actions to help reinforce the sound of the letter. Children develop fine motor skills required for writing through a variety of hands-on activities. We concentrate on the four components of language which are reading, writing, speaking and listening. We use songs, rhymes, poems, stories and other methods to introduce concepts so that the children learn in a fun way! We study numbers from 0-10 and use a wide variety of materials to reinforce concepts learned so that children are able to recognize and use the numbers correctly.
Our weekly program includes many fun activities. We have music class, a weekly nature walk, baking day, science experiments, art projects, reading time and outdoor play.
Children need to be dressed appropriately to enjoy the outdoor environment that we have here at The Children’s House. Please ensure that your child has the appropriate clothing for each season.
Class starts at 9:30 prompt. It is very important that your child be on time for class start.