History of The Children's House

From humble beginnings with three teachers and twenty students in two rented locations, The Children’s House was started in January 1985. It began because a group of parents felt there was a need for an alternative to the pre-schools in the region.

Classes started at 9:30am each day and ran until 2:30pm. There was no childcare program in the beginning. That grew from a need that parents expressed as they began working full time and needed a program for their children.

Rented buildings were used up until the school bought the building on Kornbergveien. The Children’s House was located there until July 2007 when we moved in to the new facility on Åsenveien.

Today we have 11 classes of children in our programs. There are a total of 178 children and 54 staff members.

There are over 57 nationalities represented amongst our students. Our teachers and staff come from many different countries as well. You can see from the list of the staff’s home countries that the Children’s House is a truly international pre-school! This is one of the factors that make us unique! Another is that we provide education for children aged 12 months and up. Most of our children are not native English speakers and our programs are therefore structured for English or Norwegian immersion. We have 9 classes in the English program and 3 classes in the Norwegian program. Through both of our programs, children are constantly exposed to the English and Norwegian language through games, stories, poems, songs, and activities. Each aspect of our programs is designed to make children feel comfortable in the relevant language so that they are able to communicate with their peers and teachers. Our goal is to make language learning fun and natural so that children enjoy it and benefit from it. Our students are well prepared to enter the Norwegian school system or the International school system once they have completed our programs. That’s no small accomplishment when you consider how many children enter our school unable to speak English or Norwegian! It’s a point of pride to see how quickly the students adapt to the language and commence using it on a daily basis.

Our curriculum includes instruction and experiences in a wide variety of subjects such as:

English language, literature and culture

Norwegian language, literature and culture



Social Studies

Arts and Crafts

Drama and Imaginative Play


Cooking and baking