In these difficult times there are possibly many of you that need someone to talk to and ask for advice. Do you need someone to talk to?  The health service and support services are available for those that need support or advice.

Mental Health have several numbers you can try:

1: Helpline 116 123
2. Parent support line 116 123 (key 2)
3.Working life telephone 22 56 67 00

Alarm telephone for Children and Youths-116 111.
All children can ring 116 111 when they are feeling they need help or are in difficulty.
Also, parents who are concerned about their children can ring.
The telephone is open 24 hours due to the corona virus.
Child protection Services 51 89 91 67 / 51 89 90 00. The last number is a direct line to the emergency contact at the police station.
The main goal is to help families that need help quickly.