We want to stay open !

TCH has followed the advice of the municipality and the government. We had a meeting with the emergency planning group regarding the covid-19 pandemic. The group has addressed the possibility of the kindergarten being placed on the red level and made plans accordingly.

We want to stay open - please remember :

- No one should come to the kindergarten if they are sick.

-When you are entering the building wash both yours and your child's hands.

-You should do this before your child enters the department and on pick up.

-Go home after collecting your child - do not mingle with parents and children from other cohorts.

Leave the main gate open between 7.30 – 9:30 this is a focal point for transference of infections.

Only 3 parents and 3 children can be in upstairs cloak room at the same time. 

We are following the National Guidelines and have good routines in place to ensure both children and staff are safe whilst at kindergarten.

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Kind regards/Med vennlig hilsen
May Britt Stange

The Children's House

mail: mbstange@tchnorway.no
tlf: 934 13 379