Please help us to remain open !

Dear parents, Please help us to remain open. We need to remember that covid is still affecting us and to take necessary precautions.

Due to infection in the kindergarten we needed to close 2 departments for one day in week 6.


Kindergarten children are advised to stay at home when they are ill.

Children and staff can return to kindergarten when they have been fever-free for 24 hours.

Please remember, under no circumstances should children be given medication to eliminate fevers and sent to kindergarten.


Children do not have to test themselves if they have symptoms.

Parents in kindergartens report absence to the child's department.


For more information on how to deal with it, see information about coronavirus on


Thank you for your cooperation.


 Kind regards/Med vennlig hilsen 

May Britt Stange

The Children's House

tlf: 934 13 379