Good advice for preventing infection in kindergarten and school

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) expects an influenza epidemic this winter. The population has lower immunity than normal, because there has been little flu during the covid-19 pandemic. FHI also sees it as likely that we could have both an influenza epidemic and a new corona wave at the same time, with more people sick at the same time than in a normal year.


The advice from FHI is that we should live as normal and not worry, but that we should have good habits that prevent infection. The groups that are recommended to vaccinate should vaccinate themselves. 

The municipal superintendent in Sola, Pernille Hegre Sørensen, recommends us to follow the advice from FHI.

There are no special restrictions for children and pupils, but we have the following advice on good habits that prevent infection.

1. Children and pupils with new-onset respiratory symptoms should stay at home if they are ill ( It is okay to go to Kindergarten  and school with residual symptoms such as a runny nose, snot and some coughing.

2. To reduce the risk of infecting others, everyone should practice good hand and cough hygiene (

3.  Norovirus season is just around the corner.The first outbreaks of Norovirus have been reported to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health this autumn. Autumn and winter are high season for transmissible diseases caused by Norovirus. 

 Good hand and kitchen hygiene prevents infection

- Those who have been infected or suspect that they may be infected, for example after being in contact with people who are ill, should be extra careful with hand hygiene. They should not prepare and serve food to others.Sick people are most contagious while they are vomiting and have diarrhea, but they are also contagious for a short period before the onset of symptoms and a few days after the symptoms have subsided. Good hand hygiene means frequent hand washing with soap and running water. Studies have shown that alcohol-based hand disinfection such as rubbing alcohol has a limited effect against Norovirus.