Parking policy and safety

As you know, the mornings and afternoons are very busy with children being dropped off and picked up and it is vital that we stay on the pavements with the children. We also need to keep in mind the importance of showing the children by giving them a good example.

Please respect our neighbours in Åsenhagen and do not park on their parking area and/or by the TCH gate next to Åsenhagen.

For safety reasons, we also encourage you to reverse park.
Your child needs to always be with you in the parking lot.

Safety on the TCH premises.
Once you arrive on the premises please accompany your child to its department.
Children should normally not be left unaccompanied or unattended at either pick up or drop off times.

At pick up time please collect your child and leave the premises.
Remember that the staff is there to look after the children that remain in their care.

Please avoid having conversations with other parents at the gate as this can lead to dangerous circumstances and do not let any child open the gate.
Children are quick to move and it’s not always easy to see them.

Thank you for your understanding and helping us in keeping the children safe.