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  • School Year 2024-2025 Spaces Available !

    We have spaces available !
    All classes follow the International Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the Norwegian Framework Plan. The Children's House practices rolling admission based on availability.
    For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.
    Our Phone Number is +47 47 77 70 55 or e-mail us at

  • Calendar for the school year

  • The Children's House Parents survey 2023

    Thank you to all our parents who took the time to answer the survey !

  • Good advice for preventing infection in kindergarten and school

    The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) expects an influenza epidemic this winter. The population has lower immunity than normal, because there has been little flu during the covid-19 pandemic. FHI also sees it as likely that we could have both an influenza epidemic and a new corona wave at the same time, with more people sick at the same time than in a normal year.

  • Visit The Children’s House

    You are welcome to visit our playground after hours.
    You can also check out the video of the inside of our school by
    clicking on the link bellow.


  • Please help us to remain open !

    Dear parents,

    Please help us to remain open.

    We need to remember that covid is still affecting us and to take necessary precautions.

  • We want to stay open !

    TCH has followed the advice of the municipality and the government. We had a meeting with the emergency planning group regarding the covid-19 pandemic.

    The group has addressed the possibility of the kindergarten being placed on the red level and made plans accordingly.


    In these difficult times there are possibly many of you that need someone to talk to and ask for advice.
    Do you need someone to talk to?
     The health service and support services are available for those that need support or advice.

  • Application for Reduced Payment of Tuition Fees

    Should you need help, you can contact Anette Elstad Mortensen from Sola Municipality at or Call: 51 65 33 81 You can also contact our administration and we will do our best to help you.

  • Heart Starter

    We now have a heart starter in TCH
    It is located in the upstairs corridor, to the right of the cleaner’s cupboard. Please look for it when you are in that area, or even better, go and find it the next chance you get. It is imperative that all staff and parents know it’s whereabouts.

  • Guidelines of The Children's House

    Please remember to read the Guidelines of The Children's House

  • Keep your child safe !

    Remember to hold your child's hand coming into and leaving school.